Royal Naval Guild of Bellringers

About us

Welcome to the Royal Naval Guild of Bellringers web site. Here you will find information about a ringing guild for serving or those who have served in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, WRENS, QARNNS and who are bellringers.

There are approximately 120 members of the Royal Naval Guild of Bellringers, serving and retired.

Three meetings are held each year.  The Winter Outing and Annual General Meeting are held at the beginning of March, traditionally in the south of England.  In the spring/summer a joint meeting is held with the Royal Air Force and Army Guilds and the autumn meeting, which extends to a weekend, is held in October as near as possible to Trafalgar Day.  All meetings are organised on a voluntary basis by members and are held in a variety of areas, covering the whole country.

In addition to these meetings the Ringing Master may arrange peals or quarter-peals for special, naval or royal occasions.  A weekend training course run by the RAF Guild is also open to RNGB members.

An average of 36 members attend meetings, which are informal and cater for all standards of ringing.  The meetings are friendly occasions, with everyone being encouraged to improve their ringing, and new members are made very welcome.


To foster and encourage the interest of all naval personnel in the art and exercise of campanology
To arrange periodic practices and meetings of naval bellringers and their families at suitable towers.


The Guild can trace its origins back to the 14th January 1948 when a group of Royal Naval ringers from Portsmouth based ships and shore establishments got together at Saints Peter and Paul, Fareham, Hampshire to ring a peal of 5040 of Bob Major. The group consisted of 2 Schoolmasters, a Radio Electrical Mechanic, 2 Writers, a Chief Petty Officer, an Ordinary Seaman and an Engine Room artificer.

A second band came together in celebration of the Queens Silver Jubilee and rang a peal of 5086 Plain Bob Major on the 28th June 1977. This resulted in the founding of the Guild on the 14th January 1978 at HMS COLLINGWOOD when the inaugural meeting of the Guild took place exactly 30 years from the first recorded peal of naval ringers.

There was a flurry of firsts in 1979 commencing with a peal at Saint Michael's, Southampton, Hampshire, of 5039 Grandsire caters on the 10th February 1979. This peal was conducted by one of the members of the 1948 peal, Ernest Salmons. A Quarter peal of 1259 Grandsire Caters was rung at St Mary, Wareham, Dorset, on the 19th May 1979 and a Trafalgar weekend outing took place in October when the second peal was rung. In the following month the first joint meeting with the RAF Guild, now an annual event, took place.

Over the intervening years Guild membership has built up from 54 in 1980 to over 100.